“Vedi-Alco” CJSC is one of the leading producers of alcoholic beverages in Armenia. The Company comprises two large factories: Getap Wine Factory founded in 1938 and Vedi’s Wine Factory founded in 1956. During times of Post-Soviet economic downturn in the 90’s, our company revived the production of Armenian wine, later production of brandy as well. The company owns about 150 hectares of vineyards in the Regions of Ararat and Vayots-Dzor at about 800-1300 meters above the sea level. Today “Vedi-Alco” CJSC produces more than 100 types of alcoholic beverages - varieties of vodka, fruity and berry strong drinks, cognac, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, dessert and semi-dessert wines, which have been valued highly in various international competitions. Our products are successfully exported to Russia, The Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland , France, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, etc. Our company is following the developments and innovations of world winemaking and rearms its industrial technologies. The evidence of this is the latest equipment for grape processing and product bottling inlaid in our production.



Vedi Alco is proud to announce that since 1936, its products have not only preserved centuries-old traditions of Armenian wine making, but have also improved the company’s production year by year. More than 90 gold medals and many other large awards won by Vedi Alco in the most important international tasting championships attest to the high quality and excellent flavor characteristics of Vedi Alco’s alcoholic beverages.